Subsidy Analysis

We bring you forward

You are an entrepreneur and want to implement a new project, plan a major investment or the start-up of a new company?

As a management consultancy certified for several German and EU programs, we stand by your side as a professional partner with many years of experience. We research non-repayable grants for you as well as other funds that may be relevant for your business.

Because our team knows what is important and, above all, what resources are available to you to bring your project forward. Regardless of whether you are a founder or an existing company, you can fall back on these subsidies if necessary:


Setting up a company:

New start without compromises? We support you with qualified business consulting and with regard to government subsidy programs that will help you get started.


Financing and investments:

We help you create the necessary conditions to access start-up or project financing options.



Funding is also available for the expansion of a company to include digital technologies as well as new digital business models.


Company succession and takeover:

We support you in the purchase of an existing company as well as in takeovers, company succession and company participation.


Research allowance:

Are you planning to invest in research and development? A variety of grants are waiting for you to take advantage of them.



New products that are not yet on the market in this form? Let us check to what extent you can benefit from a subsidy or grant.

Resources are available – we help you tap into them

Currently, the federal and state governments, as well as the European Union, offer companies and start-ups possible access to around 2,500 funding opportunities and grant programs, which may be more or less relevant for different projects. These include financing solutions as well as grants and subsidies that do not have to be repaid or only partially repaid.

Each of these options is based on specific guidelines and assessment bases, which can make it considerably more difficult for entrepreneurs to filter out the right subsidy programs and combine them in a meaningful way in order to lead their own project or existing company into a new and successful future.

Finding the optimal financing strategy through subsidy analysis

Which subsidies come into consideration depends on your goals. Only when these are clearly defined is it possible to filter out the most efficient combination of non-repayable grants and other possible solutions, such as research grants, development loans, etc., from the various financing options.

Requesting subsidies for companies can be smarter than you think

As a German and EU-certified management consultancy, we support you with a comprehensive subsidy analysis in compliance with the guidelines, determine the assessment basis for this and show you the possible combinations of the various subsidy and grant programs.

Our core competencies include advising on subsidies as well as advising our clients on obtaining loans. Here, we focus in particular on meeting entrepreneurs at eye level.

We don’t beat around the bush, but create the necessary transparency in all subject areas, enabling you to concentrate on your projects and planned ventures.

Contact us and give us an appointment to show you how funding opportunities can benefit you in the long run.


Subsidy check: the first step to new opportunities

With the help of a comprehensive subsidy analysis, solutions and opportunities are filtered out of the countless subsidy offers that could be considered for your own company or a planned project. For this purpose, all data that is relevant for the subsidy application is collected.

The necessary data includes standardized information such as the industry and location of the company, the size of the company, the location where the investment is to be made, and also the funding area. In addition, regional, strategic and technical factors may also play a role.

This data forms the basis for an initial subsidy check as well as the subsequent subsidy analysis. A comparison is made with the guidelines and conditions of the various funding and grant opportunities that may be considered. In this way, an initial overview is created of which options can be considered.

To give you the opportunity to check and define the general eligibility of your project, we have developed a subsidy check. This is a digital process that performs an initial rough check of your project.

Optimal opportunities through professional subsidy analysis

Where the subsidy check provides you with an initial overview of eligibility for subsidies, our real work begins and with it the actual analysis of possible subsidies. Each project must be clarified in detail and aligned with the guidelines and conditions of the subsidies.

The subsidy check thus represents a one-dimensional view of the project to be subsidized, while the analysis aims to shed more light on the project and also include the necessities that arise from the implementation of a project, such as new jobs to be filled after the expansion of company divisions.

Ultimately, this multidimensional view of the project can result in further funding opportunities and thus completely new options for companies. We, on the other hand, as experts with many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of subsidies, are able to make you a concrete offer for the implementation and support of your subsidy application after the analysis.

Talk to us. We will be happy to show you new ways of financing and support you in applying for subsidies and grants.