ZIM subsidy consulting – your recipe for success in project financing

Do you have an innovative idea in mind that you would like to implement?
Are you afraid of failing because of the cost-intensive implementation? No need to panic!

The Central Innovation Program for SMEs, known as ZIM funding, is Germany’s most sought-after funding instrument for many companies that want to tackle certain new, research-intensive projects. With its help, you can cushion development risks and take your products all the way to a successful market launch.

ZIM subsidy consulting

However, this is also so complex and time-consuming that there is often a lack of time resources to deal with it in depth. It is not uncommon for companies to lose sight of this funding opportunity. However, this puts them at a great disadvantage, because they are, in essence, giving away cash and losing a multitude of opportunities to advance their company.

ZIM funding is available to companies nationwide in a variety of areas but is subject to a myriad of conditions that influence whether a grant is eligible or how much is awarded. Working your way through this wealth of information is often not easy, especially since most entrepreneurs need to focus on their core competencies. Companies that submit ZIM applications themselves often lack experience in dealing with project sponsors, which often leads to applications being rejected. Rejections that could actually be avoided…

Benefit from a comprehensive and needs-based consultation, which will show you the eligibility of your project.


Everything from one source:
Application, project support and project completion

ZZIM subsidy consulting - support

Comprehensive examination of your chances of success before the application is submitted

ZIM subsidy consulting - access

Access to the entirety of our expert knowledge in the field of subsidy management

ZIM subsidy consulting - low-risk

Low-cost risk thanks to predominantly success-based remuneration

ZIM subsidy consulting - time

Manageable time expenditure for you and your employees

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The advantages of competent
ZIM subsidy consulting

By making use of a professional ZIM subsidy consulting service, you have access to expert knowledge and information that is prepared in such a way that it provides comprehensive and understandable information on this topic. The Central Innovation Program for SMEs is under the administration of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, or BMWi, and focuses in particular on the promotion of innovative technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany.

The funding program is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, although there are no restrictions in terms of industries, so it is also aimed at craftsmen and freelancers. Filing a corresponding application is filled with time-consuming work and mired in bureaucracy, so a ZIM funding consultation combined with the appropriate services increases the chance of receiving funding and, at the same time, keeps the effort for the company as low as possible.

For companies that have decided to apply for ZIM funding, countless questions arise, such as whether one’s own project qualifies as an eligible innovation and also what types of projects are funded at all or what the application process is like, what documents are needed and what additional information is required.

ZIM funding involves complex topics that require a certain amount of time. Especially if you want to deal with them in depth. This time investment is often not affordable for companies that focus on their core competencies, so funding is foregone and with it the opportunity to establish themselves in the global market.

This is where we come in. With our ZIM consulting, we offer you the opportunity to obtain detailed information about your prospects and support you in submitting a complete application.

ZIM funding particularly supports small and medium-sized companies working on new machinery, associated technologies and innovative solutions, which ultimately means that the program is particularly suitable for companies in the field of research and development in Germany. The funding is independent of industry and can be claimed nationwide.

ZIM – Funding consulting without hidden costs

The services offered by our experienced company in the context of ZIM consulting also include screening for whether your company and your project is eligible for funding, as well as comprehensive information about the ZIM funding itself. We are available to answer all your questions promptly and at eye level.

We will show you which requirements your project must fulfill in order to be included in the corresponding funding program and provide you with an overview of the documents required for the application. We support you in the production of the necessary documents, reports, plans and sketches. In addition, we offer you success-based application process support.