Subsidy strategy

Understanding maximum utilization of funding and subsidies as a strategic approach

As a business owner, have you ever thought about leveraging available grant funds, not just funding a specific project through a single grant option?

Chances are, you haven’t. And you’re not the only one who has given little or no thought to the possibilities offered by myriad development funds and grants. After all, combinations of different funding options are entirely possible and offer plenty of scope for advancing companies and projects, launching new projects, obtaining a research grant that will enable your company to develop further, or obtaining the necessary liquidity to start a new business.

Entrepreneurs can receive more than 65,000 euros per year through even the smallest grant and invest it wisely in projects. Particularly interesting here are the available subsidies, which do not have to be repaid by companies.

In fact the existing promotion possibilities are hardly exhausted however by entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs. A circumstance, which is hardly surprising. Often, there is simply a lack of the right information and the necessary background knowledge about existing funding options, which makes it possible to combine funding and grants in a meaningful way and invest in one’s own company or project.

We help you get the most out of the funding and grant options available through an optimal funding strategy


With the right subsidy strategy to the best possible financing

After the rough subsidy check and a comprehensive subsidy analysis of the subsidies that come into consideration for your company or project, it is now our task to develop a suitable strategy that will enable you to make the most of the EU, federal and state subsidy pots.

For this purpose, we thoroughly examine the different legal frameworks as well as the levels of funding, special funding options that relate to certain types of projects as well as grants for further education, research and investment, conditions and guidelines of the funding programs, compare the resulting possibilities and combine them in such a way that you can draw the highest possible financial resources from them and use them individually.

Of course, your own corporate strategy as well as your marketing, digitalization and human resources planning will be taken into account. We show you which options are open to you beyond the planned project. After all, entrepreneurs do not always have on their radar what can go hand in hand with various investments and what additional funding and grant opportunities can open up as a result.

The subsidy strategy we create is based on many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in this area. We equip you with the necessary overview, which enables you to work with provided subsidies also in the long term and to bring your project forward and to avoid serious mistakes in the application process.

Our services at a glance

We are always at your side when it comes to making important and necessary investments and implementing new projects, developing innovative business models or products, or finding other solutions when the requirements of your house bank are too high in terms of financing. And of course also when you want to outsource tasks such as the creation of business concepts and dedicate yourself to your important core competencies.

Determination of the necessary financing requirementsDetermination of the necessary financing requirements

Preparation of a comprehensive business analysisPreparation of a comprehensive business analysis

Calculation of sales planning and profitabilityCalculation of sales planning and profitability

Preparation of a financing and subsidy analysisPreparation of a financing and subsidy analysis

Implementation of crowdfunding projectsImplementation of crowdfunding projects

Comprehensive support in applying for subsidized loans and grants as well as guaranteesComprehensive support in applying for subsidized loans and grants as well as guarantees

Creation of financing conceptsCreation of financing concepts

Preparation of business plans and business conceptsPreparation of business plans and business concepts

Supporting accompaniment during negotiation talksSupporting accompaniment during negotiation talks

We do not leave you out in the cold after developing a strategy

As an experienced management consultancy, we are aware that once the appropriate strategy has been created, only the foundation stone has been laid to benefit from various funding projects. This is because the various processes entail countless but necessary tasks that must be implemented in order to meet the guidelines of grant and funding applications.

For many entrepreneurs, this is often a balancing act between their own core competencies and their time resources, which are often limited and usually do not allow them to obtain comprehensive information about guidelines and conditions. This circumstance leads to mistakes, which in the worst case can lead to the rejection of the funding application.

That is why we see our task in relieving you of the lion’s share of the work and thus leaving you room to pursue your important daily business.

We support you exactly where you lack the capacity or background knowledge and help you to compile the necessary documents for the application. In this way, you have the best possible chance of having your applications approved.

Don’t waste time and take the chance to improve your liquidity. Call us and we will get your project on the right track together with you.