ZIM application

Submitting a ZIM application – we can help you

ZIM funding is not limited exclusively to a single project but can be applied for as often as desired for different projects. This offers especially medium-sized companies the advantage of expanding in the long term. Through corresponding innovation projects, several hundred thousand euros in subsidies can be claimed annually. In particular, this also opens up savings that have a positive effect on gross personnel costs as well as research and development costs.

Stay competitive and expand your innovative ideas. The grant provides you with improved liquidity in the form of 50 to 120 percent of the employees’ gross salary. This not only lowers costs, but also reduces risks, for example, in the development of new technologies that show market-leading potential. In addition, ZIM funding provides opportunities for better networking as well as the internationalization of companies and the means for trade fair appearances or certificate acquisition, etc.

Submitting the ZIM application correctly

In order to submit a ZIM application, it is first relevant to check to what extent one’s own company is eligible to apply. ZIM funding is focused on small and medium-sized enterprises that employ fewer than 500 employees, including the cooperation partner, as well as medium-sized enterprises with at least one SME cooperation and fewer than 1,000 employees. There is no restriction on topics or sectors. However, the applicant should have its registered office in Germany.

Decisive factors in whether or not to apply for funding are, on the one hand, the market opportunities of the R&D project and, on the other hand, its technological innovative fortitude, with the aim of strengthening these and the competitiveness of both the company and the country to a far-reaching extent.

Unsure if your project meets the grant project guidelines?

Contact us. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the most important requirements for submitting an application and support you in creating an outline of your project that provides a good overview.


Funding must be applied for before the start of the project. The program itself runs until Dec. 31, 2024, so all applications must be submitted by that date. Experience shows that the decision on the approval process takes about 3 months. Once an application has been submitted, it is possible to start the project, but this is at the applicant’s own risk. Therefore, careful consideration on the likelihood of the project’s acceptance into the ZIM funding program should be taken.

The correct documents for the ZIM application

The ZIM application requires the completeness of all necessary documents. A corresponding outline of the project can also be submitted in advance, through which the project sponsor has the opportunity to give you an initial assessment with regard to the project’s eligibility for funding. There is no application deadline for the complete submission of the application, apart from the end of the funding period, so it can basically be submitted at any time.

The required application documents include the appropriately completed application forms, which often cause uncertainty among companies, a concrete description of the project and its content, and a comprehensive list of existing equity. In addition, a comprehensible market launch concept is required, which we will prepare for you. If the project envisages the participation of cooperation partners, information on the partners and the cooperation agreement must also be provided.

ZIM APPLICATION – Benefit from our many years of experience

By making use of our services, you have the opportunity to benefit from our extensive experience in the field of management consulting and ZIM consulting. Furthermore, we provide access to a comprehensive communication network and close cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economics for smooth processes. After successfully checking whether your project is eligible for funding, we will show you the amount of funding, if any, that is available to you.