ZIM – project management

ZIM – project management and funding and what it means for your company

The abbreviation ZIM stands for the “Central Innovation Program for SMEs”. The program was relaunched by the German government on January 20, 2020 and is available to companies nationwide. It is administered by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, (BMWi). It is possible to carry out ZIM projects alone or in cooperation with other companies or research projects with the aim of increasing the innovative strength of small and medium-sized companies.

ZIM - project management

Within the framework of the ZIM funding program, the development as well as the company itself is funded by a non-repayable grant. The program does not focus exclusively on individual projects, but also on co-operations and networks of domestic and foreign companies and research institutions. The aim is also to integrate companies in the global market. Internationalization is therefore given priority, as is the establishment of innovation networks. This strengthens small and medium-sized enterprises and the economy in the long term.

It is possible to carry out up to two ZIM projects per year, whereby the grant does not have to be repaid. It is important that a full application is submitted before the project begins. The program itself is available until December 31, 2024, which means that applications must be submitted by that date.

ZIM – Project management – Success with applications

For small and medium-sized German companies, in short SMEs, which focus in particular on new technologies and solutions, the chances of success in the application process are very high. Among the funded projects are medical technology, refrigeration and air technology, electrical engineering, radiation technology, process engineering as well as a multitude of other projects on which we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice. We will examine and structure your projects and inform you promptly whether they are eligible for appropriate funding.

ZIM – Project Management – We manage your subsidies – from qualification to funding.

ZIM - Project Management - We manage your subsidies

We chaperon companies nationwide by providing advice as well as secure and qualified application and support. Together with our experienced experts, you check the appropriate qualifications of your project, design all applications and the corresponding necessary documents and overviews, with which we get your application on its way in a timely manner.

ZIM - Project Management - help

In addition, monitoring the application and communicating with the authorities are also among our competencies, which we make available to you in full. In this way, we increase your chances of success for a positive decision on your funding application and ensure maximum relief for your company. You concentrate on your important core competencies and we take care of the rest for you.

ZIM - Project Management - addition

Our services are largely success-based, which enables us to guarantee you a low risk cost in terms of consulting fees. We check for you whether your R&D project has the potential to be supported by the funding program. This offers you the security that your application will not be rejected straight away, but will be examined in detail.

ZIM – Project processing – Application granted? We will not leave you hanging afterwards

With the positive decision on the funding application, we will of course not leave you out in the cold. As an experienced company in this field, we are well aware that this means that the funded company will have to submit further documents.

Therefore, we prepare the time sheets and payment requests for you, as well as interim reports and the proofs of use. In addition, we prepare all necessary personnel change notifications and rescheduling changes to provide your company with maximum relief.

Contact us. We will advise you on all topics related to ZIM funding as well as on the services we offer to move you and your ideas forward.